Welcome to WPAstro.org (WordPress Astro website provider). We present here some hosting choices in a different model than the ones we can find on the common internet.
First of all, we offer WordPress hosting, but oriented to the use of premium plugins of our collection that can be very handy – like Tetrabyblos (Professional Astrology Plugin) for astrology websites oriented. Other plugins, are completely astronomy oriented. And others are just plain useful, so you can offer the best services to your users. Along with the plugins, there will be soon also premium themes, and other material. These are the WP PRO SITE plans (click on the link or goto the upper right menu for further information).
The plans are affordable, and basically the registration and setup are quick and easy – no confusing process whatsoever.
Also, if you by any reason want, the cancelation is easy and immediate. The plans are monthly – to be light and allow you to study your audience – or they can be in different periods (like 3, 6 or 12 months). Since the plans are monthly, the license and updates for the plugins and themes only end with the plan cancellation. With a regular plugin – or several – you must pay not only the hosting but also the licenses so you can stay updated, or have minor bugs corrected.

If you wish a diferent aproach  – the standard one – for construct an website, we offer you a very intuitive WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) website builder: Easy Builder. It’s very easy to work with, and allows you to backup and even download your website. It works in a intuitive “drag and drop” system in your own browser, so it doesn’t work or feels like a regular WordPress environment. It’s hosted like an HTML/PHP/JS website. These are different aproaches and solutions for you to work directly on your own site without the need of having big expertise or programming skills. Still, they are quite powerful methods and tools, and, yet, very affordable.

When you register, you are able (in the WordPress version for now) to have a subdomain of the type wpastro.org/yoursite or your own domain, like mydomain.com (by just pointing your site to us). All our user’s websites are backed up daily.


Tetrabyblos – general view

Tetrabyblos is an extremely easy WordPress plugin to install and manage, which allows for any cyber user to get his personal astrological chart from your website and, if you wish so, to obtain a first preliminary Interpretation report completely written and controlled by you. The same applies to the Month Transits calendar in time, also with editable reports. This is an innovative and, we like to think, precious and necessary plugin which does not exists as an independent script, on the world market of web services – thus the Word Press format for implementation in order to facilitate its use. The plugin does not relies on third party services or resources. It’s an independent solution.

Please read below more about the special features implemented in the Plugin. Now, your users interface is multilingual (not the admin panel).


  • Ecliptic tropical/sidereal longitude of the major celestial bodies/points (Sun to Pluto, Lilith, ascendant. Mid-heaven, moon’s nodes, Syzygy and about 90 major Arabic Parts), about 60 important stars in astrology and the cusps of the houses – both for radix (birth chart) and current transit.
  • Enumerates the Dignities (including Terms and Faces), Elements and Qualities (with percentages) of the planets and the most important aspects between them. Select essential dignities table system between Ptolemy and Dorotheus (or the users can make their own personalized table). Calculate the essential dignities scores (according to the table system chosen).
  • Gives the primary astrological Vedic – Jyotisha – information for that chart: Nakshatram, Yoga, Karana, Thiti, Pada, Rasi, madhya/sandhi houses, and Dasa periods (birth and current). By default, uses the Lahiri Ayanamsa when the tropical chart is requested for mutual comparison of both systems. Coordinates both of the Rasi and the Nakshatra are given, with Pada and house position.
  • Has 13 different House systems at your disposal (like Placidus, Porphyrius, Equal, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Morinus, Koch, Topocentric, etc.)
  • Has 13 different reference Ayanamsas (like Lahiri, Fagan/Bradley, DeLuce, B. V. Raman, etc.).
  • Has a built-in atlas with almost 145500 cities in the world, with historical time zone calculations or manual if you wish so. You can either choose from the atlas, or introduce yourself the geographic coordinates and time zone offset of the place of birth.
  • Draws the graphical chart – with birth and transit, and a zoom function – and the table of aspects along the other sections: main astronomical events connected to the birth (season, moon phases and near eclipse), planets, houses and stars positions, natal aspects, Arabic parts, classical dignities (including mutual receptions and scores), elements and qualities (with percentages), Vedic information, and the written report (automatic or written by the user).
  • Possibility to write and define your own interpretations texts and manage them in the Word Press administration panel giving the visitant the possibility of getting a personal report “on the fly”.
  • Transits reports, giving positions, graphic and interpretations for future dates (chosen in a calendar mode).
  • Ability to hide/show all the above or not, configure at some extent the layout of the sections (like placing side a side the planets and houses table, or place the aspect graphic in the end of the layout, etc.), the colors of the astrological graphical chart and planets, the buttons style, etc.
  • The plugin can be translated internally to any language by the user.
  • Print feature (in beta test phase).
  • Capable of saving and backup the personal texts and/or the settings to files, and import them in a new installation/update for example.
  • Despite all the features, it’s very easy to install and to use!