Luminaries Widget version 2.0

Luminaries combines the beauty of a simple design, to the general and technical information you might want to know and show to your users regarding the Sun, planets and the moon in real time (it incorporates now the previous LUNA widget).

(previous LUNA now in Luminaires)

Luminaries calculates:

  • Current moon phase, with medium resolution image. 140 different color templates allow you to adapt it to your website design.
  • Technical and general details for the moon, like age (in days), iluminated fraction of the disk, phase percentage, distance, angular size (in arcseconds), name of the phase and the Sun’s and planet’s (Mercury to Pluto) ecliptic position and equatorial declination.
  • Previous and next moon phases: Luminaries also displays the five major phases dates around your current time, in a cycle from one new moon to another.
  • Rise/Transit/Set of the Sun (different rises and sets) and moon.
  • Ability to show only the planets data, planets plus moon, moon or all.
  • For universitaly, times are all in UT (universal time) referred to Greenwhich except if other location or time zone is used.
  • By default, data is shown for UTC at the prime meridian. However, it’s possible to define a time zone as reference or use the IP track mode, that will try to use the user’s location – in this case, time is in local time (DST included).

You can see the demo in the sidebar. All the blocks were chosen so you can see what it includes. However, you can show only:

  • Planets positions
  • Planets positions plus the RST (rise/transit/set of the sun and moon)
  • Moon position (previous LUNA).
  • Moon position plus the RST (rise/transit/set of the sun and moon), like the top left image screenshot.
  • Include or not the sign and nakshatra of the moon.



You can configure the following:

  • Title: what is the title you want to appear just above the Widget? Perhaps, for example, The Planets Today, or simply Daily Ephemeris.
  • Language: you can translate the plugin to your own language, save/restore your translation or restore to default (english).
  • Text font: choose from some font typefaces to be used in the display.
  • Information to display: you can choose to show all the calculations Luminaries does, just the planets & moon, or just the planets or moon with RST or not, etc.
  • Location: by default, Luminaires calculates everything for the prime meridian of Greenwich, at GMT+00h00m. In version 2.0, you can choose also to display according to the user’s IP location (if detected) that will show the city most close to it, or to choose a time zone that will be associated to the capital of the country. In these last cases, time is shown as local (DST included).
  • Sign & Nakshatra: with this option, it will be displayed also the sign and the nakshatra of the moon.
  • Finally, Luminaries in this first version, comes with 140 different template colors schemes. Choose the one you find that best fits your template design in the field Select Scheme color.


Clear skies!